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Sunday: Staying in bed until noon while reading an inspiring book…

I have been following Garance Doré since her debut and I also had the chance to meet her numerous times, in New-York and Milan, while working during the fashion weeks. Her natural and her simplicity were always a constant source of inspiration for me and many other women, therefor I was very keen on reading her first book “Love Style Life”.

Her story is a true example of perseverance and passion. (I remember writing about her evolution and how inspirational she was after meeting her for the first time in this 2011 post ) With this book, Garance is showing us that you cannot achieve anything in life without love; love for yourself, for other and love in what you choose to do. As for style, it will come to you naturally once you discover your true self. Thank you Garance for this beautiful lesson, for sharing your self and keeping on motivating us to succeed no matter how many errors we might do along the way…

“The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places… Just keep driving!”

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  • Anastasia PleezMee
    4 August 2016 at 13 h 42 min

    Thanks for great tips 😉