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Inside Chanel – La Haute Couture

Since Octobre 2012, Chanel has been revealing it’s essence in a series of short films and photos dedicated to its founder, Gabrielle Chanel, it’s designer, Karl Lagerfeld and it’s history. Those stories are unveiled one by one through the years on their mini Inside Chanel website (

Last week it was all about Haute Couture and I must say that absolutely loved their video! Which is why I wanted to share it with you. It showed the whole process behind their classic tweed jacket in a very modern way. 130 hours of work cleverly summarized in 3:42 minutes while highlighting all those important steps that add the “Haute” in the couture.

I could really relate to this video as I work more or less the same way (aside, of course, from the plane fitting trips to Dubai, New-York and London etc… 😉 and I think it gives an alternative view on what Haute Couture aso is. It is not just about long dreamy dresses and fashion shows. No. Haute Couture is mainly about two things: service and quality. Service because each piece is made exclusively in the sole purpose of pleasing the client’s every desire. And quality as aside from being made by hand and on measure, Haute Couture requires true excellence, perfectionism and meticulousness. This degree of perfection in the details can only be reach thanks to a team of qualified but more importantly passionate artisans.

Yes, Haute Couture is definitely a true passion, for both the client and those who make it.

See the full series Inside Chanel here.



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