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The very Best of Haute Couture 2016

Haute Couture has always inspired me. Some may say it’s unwearable or useless but I see it as a form of art, incredible crafsmanship and as undeniable teamwork. But most of all, as an endless source of inspiration!

What I love the most about Haute Couture, is that it’s a world where everything is possible, a beautiful parenthesis in today’s chaos. There is absolutely no limits to the imagination of it’s designer. It shouldn’t be seen as a collection of static pieces ready to be worn where nothing can be changed. A Haute Couture dress is merely a materialization of the universe of its creator which will then be reinterpreted to fit the universe of each client. Having worked for Alexander McQueen, I sure do know that behind each dress they is a team of skilled and talented seamstress with golden hands as without it’s atelier, Elie Saab, wouldn’t be Elie Saab… The same goes for most of the big fashion house. But at the same time, without it’s designer, the atelier would never push the limits of possibility as they do it with every collection. Haute Couture is without a doubt the epitome of fashion…!

For more inspiration, make sure to check out my Pinterest boards. And to see my favorite Haute Couture bridal gown inspiration, head over to my latest Elle Belgium‘s article.

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